DECENT is a decentralized web 3.0 platform served via the P2P network that allows borderless publishing of any text, picture, video or music content without restriction or any influence by third parties. It allows information sharing without any boundaries or restrictions.

DECENT combines several functional layers. One layer uses bittorrent to take care of distributed storage, adding extensions such as proof of retrievability, to provide anonymously distributed, guaranteed storage that automatically scales based on content popularity.

Other layers use the blockchain to provide associated transactions, such as publishing and buying content, providing feedback and the recommendation engine.

Authors pay to publish on the platform, which acts as an incentive for seeders to store the content. All content is secured with strong cryptography, and the platform employs a shared secret algorithm, to ensure that only authorised users can get access to published works.

Micropayments for content are implemented as a form of smart contract, where data is exchanged for tokens securely for both sides, and payment is processed only after the content can be decrypted.

In addition content can be rated, and ratings will be processed to provide recommendations for users.

DECENT is an open-source software offering unlimited virtual content sharing. The platform is dedicated to the freedom of speech. The main goal is to provide opportunities for authors whose voice is normally censored.

The platform also allows independent developers to build their own applications on the top of DECENT protocol. The app builders can create any kind of media sharing clients for their users.

Ambassadors are currently being recruited to support the community and spread the word about the platform.

DECENT was founded in January 2015, and has operations in Bratislava – Slovakia, Zurich – Switzerland, Ukraine Kharkov and Shanghai – China.

What inspired you to start DECENT, and what hurdles have you had to overcome thus far? What has the general reaction been?

Some of our team members have been in the Blockchain industry for some time now. We knew the technology is unique and crucial and holds the keys to many problems of the todays world. We knew how Bitcoin decentralized finance and we were trying to come up with an idea to decentralize something else. Media is very sensitive subject and it is still highly censored by third parties (governments, publishers...). Liberating the world of media is something we consider very important. We want people to get relevant information to the topics that interest them - not what the third parties want them to see.

The general reactions are very positive. Our events representation have been rewarded with enthusiast, new ambassador applications, app builders already interested in creating their own clients on the top of DECENT protocol. We are very excited - that is exactly what we needed.

There are several startups getting into the decentralised media space at the moment. What do you think DECENT brings to give it a unique appeal?

Our Unique feature is micropayment system. It is combined with strong encryption of the content and several advanced cryptographic technologies (shared secret sharing, proof of retrievability, ZKP) in the way that only authorized users can and will get access to the content.

Who do you see as your target market, in terms of Authors, Ambassadors, and App Builders?

Our first client (app) which will be developed directly by the DECENT team will be oriented on publishing content - texts. So first target group will be authors, bloggers, journalists etc.

Ambassadors are already being added to our website with the rising interest. are Ambassador are "supporters" of the platform - they write about it, spread the word, create buzz on the social media, help with the community, also students, generally people interested in DECENT's success. Because the project is human oriented and not profit oriented we need as many freedom of speech enthusiasts as possible to create strong distributed network which will be known worldwide.

DECENT project is open-source. We will release API soon and anyone can start building application such as decentralized Reddit, Youtube, Twitter or any content sharing platform you can think of.

Describe DECENT in six months time? In five years time?

In six months time, the platform should be fully functional and developed. Our aim is to have stronger community by the time, several clients/apps and also strong community of authors and users (supporting DECENT). In five years time, DECENT platform should be known and used freely worldwide.