Jenny Ta, founder of CoinLinked and chief operating officer of nonfungbile token (NFT) platform developer Hodl Assets, believes that the fashion-based NFT market will be worth billions in the future.

Ta is a self-made millionaire who founded the crypto-powered social marketplace CoinLinked in May 2020. The firm was set to host a Dogecoin Conference in Las Vegas, but the event has since been rebranded to the “Cryptotainment Conference” following Hodl Assets’ acquisition of CoinLinked in August earlier this year.

Ta was on-boarded as the new chief operating officer of Hodl Assets as part of the deal, and the rebranded event will now shift its focus from Dogecoin (DOGE) to NFTs, fashion and entertainment.

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, the veteran Wall Street trader turned crypto proponent spoke about the upcoming conference and also offered her take on the collision between the fashion world and NFTs.

Hodl Assets’ two-day Cryptotainment Conference is slated for the summer of 2022 in Las Vegas, and the firm is working to combine the world of crypto with fashion and entertainment.

Ta stated that the event shifted from Dogecoin to NFTs as part of Hodl Assets’ vision to spark widespread adoption of NFTs. She said that the team felt that fashion and NFTs made the “most sense” out of all other options due to the combined potential of the two sectors. 

Ta said that she will be inviting top figures in the crypto space to speak about NFTs, with the first day to be focused on NFT education, live music and entertainment.

The second day will be focused on fashion, with the main feature being the Global Couture gala event hosted by renowned designer and former model Linda Gray. The firm is touting the event as a chance to shed “light on the many possibilities of NFTs” in the fashion world.

“Bringing the best of all worlds together is an empowering prospect. Building cultural understanding is much like bringing the historically separate realms of finance, entertainment and fashion together to create something amazing,” Ta said in an announcement shared with Cointelegraph.

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While there have been some movements in the fashion world to adopt NFTs, Ta argued that once two sectors fully “collide,” the market will produce “multi-billions” worth of sales.

Ta pointed to the example of fashion galas, in which nearly every aspect of the events — from the models to the showcased pieces — can be tokenized and sold on a blockchain:

“The gowns, the stilettos, the jewelry, the crowns that these beautiful women would be wearing as they walk out at the fashion show [...] All of that can be an NFT.”

“And if the bid is correct, the buyer of the NFTs can also receive the actual product that would be shown at the gala. I mean, it’s just crazy,” she added.

The Hodl Assets COO also stated that the hype around the burgeoning NFT sector has the power to turn any regular event into something that is widely captivating.

“Just because the term nonfungible token is attached to it, everybody now wants to be a part of it,” she said.