Lamar Wilson has madeexciting steps in cryptocurrency so far. His passion for Bitcoin education andbusiness development led him to create 212ths, in addition to Love Will LLC,which creates apps for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market.

Most recently, hecreated the Pheeva Hot Bitcoin wallet, which has seen considerable praise fromthe Bitcoin community.

Lamar is keen tospread the word about Bitcoin constantly and we caught up with him to find outhow his projects are developing.

CT: What inspired you to move into developingcrypto-currency tools like the Pheeva wallet?

LW: Freedom is theleading reason behind my desire to create the Pheeva wallet. Bitcoin or digitalcurrency in general encompasses a freedom with my money that we currently donot have with the dollar or any currency in particular. Accessibility would beanother reason. For third world countries, being able to complete transactionsswiftly and securely is a game changer for many families across the world.

CT: Someone tweeted about Pheeva that"finally there is a working iOS Bitcoin wallet with accurate QRscanner". What would you say really sets Pheeva apart from the rest insuch a rapidly-growing market?

LW: Pheeva is a sexywallet. And by sexy I mean that not only does it look good but the ease of useis sexy to our patrons/ members. I designed the wallet to stand out amongst therest with bold colors and a simple interface. Our hot wallet was constructedwith the idea that it would be so simple your grandma could use it.