The entertainment industry is known for its daunting barriers to entry, with a tiny group of studios and networks dominating the greenlighting process for content. Even when a project does launch, the actual talent involved in its creation rarely gets to claim any ownership of its success. As for the audience, fans have few ways to participate other than consuming content and buying merchandise.

All in all, centralized platforms of the Web2 era failed to offer creators truly direct ways to connect with their target audience. Despite taking the lion’s share of a $100 billion creator industry, leading content creation platforms are often criticized for unfavorable monetization and ownership models for creators. As a result, many talented creatives are ultimately employees of their own creations.

With a user-centric approach that gives power back to the people who use the internet, Web3 seeks to disrupt the status quo between creators and platforms. Using the inherent qualities of blockchain technology, SOLIS is empowering creatives and their communities with better tools to produce and monetize content.

Content meets community

From A-listers to storytelling enthusiasts, creatives need support to finance, produce and monetize their content, and that’s where SOLIS comes in. Now, storytellers, actors, artists and directors can engage directly with their communities on the newly-launched SOLIS Market. Built on the Polygon network, the new digital collectible marketplace facilitates the creation, distribution and exchange of assets derived from films, TV shows and other entertainment content that are part of the SOLIS ecosystem.

SOLIS gives content creators from around the globe new ways to get organic support from their community, including Web3-friendly digital collections from content produced throughout the SOLIS ecosystem. By allowing storytellers to collaborate directly with their audience, SOLIS enables true creative freedom for content creators and reduces intervention during the creative process.

To accelerate mainstream adoption for fans and communities, the marketplace registration process doesn’t require any third-party crypto wallets or passwords. When users sign up, the platform automatically creates a secure blockchain wallet for them, enabling a password-less and effectively “wallet-less” introduction to the NFT space. SOLIS announced a packed lineup at launch, with NFTs of exclusive projects like Affect Change, HERVoice, Fantasy Football Cause and Spoken World launching on the SOLIS Market before summer.

End-to-end content ecosystem

Merging traditional media with a thriving decentralized space, SOLIS introduces a Web3 marketplace as well as a token economy tailored specifically to the needs of the entertainment industry. The SOLIS ecosystem consists of the content digital production hub HMBL House, the feature film division SOLIS Studios and the digital asset marketplace SOLIS Market.

SOLIS distinguishes itself by not simply being a Web3 marketplace or exchange, but a production-driven ecosystem working directly with talent to create and produce a wide range of content. You may not yet know HMBL House by name, but they are responsible for a myriad of successful productions like the Livestream Theater Series of script reads with casts like Dazed and Confused, Rocky Horror and The Goonies, as well as more mainstream shows like Fantasy Football Cause and FOX Soul’s Christmas Special powered by Da Poetry Lounge.

Source: HMBL House

SOLIS Studios is SOLIS’ feature film development and production division, with a previously announced slate with Defiant Studios, a partnership with PoC Studios and creator Ryoichi Wada announced at Cannes Film Festival last year and a slate of soon-to-be-announced partnerships and films on the horizon.

The financing, development and monetization of all of this content are facilitated by SOLIS Labs, the blockchain-focused division that fuels the SOLIS Market and SOLIS Exchange, connecting communities with creators and the content they love with a wide variety of Web3 tools and DeFi solutions. SOLIS Labs built an entertainment economy on the Polygon network that includes NFTs, DeFi applications, content financing, with future Metaverse and other decentralized partnerships and integrations and engage-to-earn opportunities.

By creating a range of tools specifically tailored for traditional and Web3 content creators alike, the SOLIS ecosystem aims to give content ownership back to the creators. Through SOLIS, creatives can finally finance, develop and distribute their own content while simultaneously building organic, participatory, perpetual communities for the future.

Presented by SOLIS

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