An esports-focused site that uses a cutting-edge blockchain protocol to eliminate manipulation in video views has now launched non-fungible tokens.

Esports Fight Club, which is owned by Verasity, says the NFTs on offer include posters, badges, weapons, mods and short videos that summarize top highlights from esports tournaments. All of them are built using Verasity’s proprietary and patented Proof-of-View protocol, which aims to eliminate fraud from the world of video monetization.

Each NFT found on the platform is unique, with ownership validated through PoV. This gives users full control over their non-fungible tokens — enabling them to resell or distribute them at will.

NFTs are going to be available on the Esports Fight Club Store soon, alongside a wide range of other merchandise.

A natural progression

According to Verasity, it is natural for NFTs to be a prominent feature of Esports Fight Club, given how these digital assets are so well-suited to fan-based economies. Across the industry, these tokens are now being used to create trading cards of top athletes and commemorate memorable moments in sporting events.

Verasity offers a proprietary video player that can track genuine viewership levels, alongside user intent and contextual data. As previously reported by Cointelegraph, the project is engaged in a battle against fake views — and its Proof-of-View protocol has been rewarded with a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (#1095693).

Through Esports Fight Club, a professional streamer with a large fan base would be able to use the platform — coupled with Verasity technology — for data storage, consumption and targeted NFTs.

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Injecting trust into NFTs

Executives at Verasity believe that Proof-of-View could help eliminate some of the incidents of fraud that are seen in the NFTs space today — an issue that has stopped some published artists from taking their first leap into crypto. Some creators have claimed that their artwork has appeared on NFT marketplaces without their consent.

Proof-of-View boasts technology that can be applied to digital collectibles as well as video content.

Data from users is saved in the form of a fingerprint that is hashed and put on the blockchain to validate the chain of authenticity, which also complies with privacy regulations.

Given how NFTs are exploding in popularity right now, with sales surging as thousands of new investors flood into the space, it’s hoped that Verasity’s approach will champion authenticity, trust and ownership — all while enhancing the experience that the passionate Esports Fight Club community enjoys.

Verasity is currently in discussions with a large NFT auction house to implement Proof-of-View as a standard protocol to validate the chain of authenticity of NFTs for the entire industry.

Esports and NFTs: Peas in a pod?

Experts in the esports industry believe that NFTs can enhance game monetization opportunities for publishers and developers alike — and transform the way players engage with their favorite titles. Thanks to NFTs, gamers will have the chance to own in-game assets that no one else does, create their own weapons, sell them on to others, and transport them between games.

Adoption of NFTs has been rather slow among mainstream game creators so far, but there’s optimism that this could herald a new era in gaming — just like esports, and the rise of streaming, have given us new ways of consuming content and becoming part of a global community of like-minded individuals.

Major gaming companies are looking to NFTs as a new method for monetization. Veracity says Esports Fight Club provides the use case for its Proof-of-View protocol to become the industry standard for authenticating the chain of ownership and validating it on the blockchain.

Esports Fight Club gives users the chance to get involved in dozens of tournaments, across some of the world’s best-known games. New features are continually being added to the site, as well as support for new titles such as Valorant, PUBG, CS:GO and Free Fire, with amateurs and pros joining together in friendly or serious tournaments.

Looking ahead, the platform is set to launch its game store with NFTs, weapons and mods later this year.

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