Ethereum Classic (ETC) Labs incubator today officially announced Studio, its new program to support the launch of new projects on Ethereum Classic.

ETC Labs Studio to support firms seeking to launch projects and crowdsales on ETC

According to an official blog post from Aug. 8, the ETC Labs Studio will now support companies that seek technical and marketing expertise for new projects and crowdsales.

The new program intends to share technical expertise to promote building and implementation of decentralized applications and crowdsales, as well as provide guidance on project launch and marketing tools for businesses and startups that want to build on ETC blockchain.

According to the post, the ETC Labs Studio program is already available for blockchain and crypto-related companies to enroll in.

Terry Culver, CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs, said that Studio will bring together the expertise of dedicated developers from their Core group alongside with funding and mentorship programs from Accelerate group to continue to mature the whole Ethereum Classic ecosystem.

ETC Accelerate program supports the development of apps on ETC

The ETC Labs Studio program comes just over a week after ETC Labs announced its accelerator program to promote the development of products and applications based on the Ethereum Classic network on July 28. The duration of each Accelerate program amounts to a total of three months, focusing on both hard and soft skills shared by the Ethereum Classic Labs Core team, which was launched in January 2019.

Earlier in July, Cointelegraph reported on Fidelity, Deloitte and Amazon supporting a new blockchain accelerator program called Startup Studio. Alongside 20 other firms such as the Ethereum Foundation and ETH Global, the companies teamed up forces to enable workshops to blockchain startups and help them expand their expertise.