Perhaps as the feather in its cap following a week of high-profile changes, Bitpay has announced that Elizabeth Ploshay has joined its team as an account manager.

Hot on the heels of ex-Visa stalwart Tim Byun’s appointment as chief compliance officer, Ploshay explains the move, which comes at a cost of her position at Bitcoin Magazine, was the right one.

“Leaving Bitcoin Magazine was a difficult decision to make but a necessary step,” she writes in a blog post, “This change will allow me to concentrate my time on expanding the Bitcoin user-base and fully support the work of the strongest Bitcoin company.”

As could be expected, despite her unassuming new job title, Ploshay will hardly be taking on humdrum duties. Instead, she will be reaching out to “those who can benefit the most,” both corporate and charitable organizations, from Bitcoin’s features.

“I mainly will be seeking to get nonprofits, charities, and political organizations on board to start accepting bitcoin donations,” she explains.

Indeed, Ploshay has a firm foundation in the field already, having previously helped Botswana’s Alakanani Itireleng raise the profile of her charitable work in Africa.

“BitPay provides its service completely free to charities and nonprofits, which allows them to accept bitcoin donations from a global donor base,” she continues.

Bitcoin’s profile is slowly improving in the US, even within hotly contested political circles, where Ploshay states she will be especially motivated to contribute her experience. Ploshay states:

“With the upcoming midterm election, I hope to use my experience as a former Congressional Staffer in Washington DC to bring bitcoin, and BitPay, into as many political campaigns as possible.”

Quite some endeavors indeed, but Ploshay’s modest charm will no doubt stand her in good stead to bring the image of Bitcoin and one of its largest entities to an increasingly prominent audience in the best possible light.