Delving into the world of cryptocurrencies can be extremely intimidating for beginners.

On day one, you're confronted with thousands of different coins — and each claims to have their own specific use case. Understanding how blockchain technology works is an incredibly steep learning curve too, and all of that comes before you've even made a purchase.

Now, one website has the ambition of becoming a lighthouse in stormy seas for newcomers to the crypto market — giving them the information they need to explore the space with confidence.

ClearCryptos offers a plethora of curated educational content — covering everything from the basics of decentralized finance to tried-and-tested methods for long-term wealth generation.

Dozens of easy-to-understand YouTube videos have already been created. Just some of the topics include creating a MetaMask wallet on your smartphone, navigating CoinMarketCap, and top tips for protecting funds from scammers.

Educating beginners on safety has never been more important, and ClearCryptos has placed an emphasis on highlighting the scams that deserve vigilance. Warning signs about email scams and phishing are broken down in entertaining, bitesized clips — arming viewers with the knowledge they need to stay safe while investing.

In time, this is going to be accompanied by a 24/7 livestream that broadcasts in multiple languages — featuring content that has been requested by the community itself.

Trustworthy data

For ClearCryptos, the hard work doesn't end here. The project says it doesn't just want to be a place that educates visitors on how to do their own research — it wants to empower them with the data they need to make informed decisions.

Data is presented in an accessible way with state-of-the-art analytics to help users separate the signal from the noise, and gain an understanding of what's driving market movements.

ClearCryptos plans to achieve this through an innovative, accessible platform that allows customizable charts to be studied and viewed at the click of a button. What's more, a decentralized exchange is being built that transcends multiple blockchains.

Just some of the features include recurring purchases, allowing beginners to benefit from a common strategy known as dollar cost averaging. Crucially, other tools can help reduce the risk of costly mistakes — and offer added assistance when navigating a market that never sleeps. Bespoke algorithms can help take the emotion out of trading, and enable users to coolly determine their strategies well in advance.

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Helping everyone

ClearCryptos is based in Puerto Rico, and positions itself as a local business that supports the local economy. To this end, the project says it will invest proceeds from its operations back into the community. It's hoped this will benefit everyone — not just those who are exploring what cryptocurrencies have to offer.

Nonetheless, this is a team that believes crypto can have huge benefits in Puerto Rico and beyond — delivering better infrastructure, quality education, and "unmatched opportunity" for the future. ClearCryptos wants this island to become a hub for digital assets, and give anyone and everyone the opportunity to get involved in this burgeoning space.

A range of partnerships are going to be unveiled in the next 12 months, and ClearCryptos has already appointed a board of advisors. They include the professional racecar driver Caesar Bacarella, former U.S. ambassador to Denmark James P. Cain, retired Lieutenant General Edward C. Cardon, and experts from the world of banking, government and law enforcement.

Crypto today is fraught with risk, misinformation, and undue complexity — but ClearCryptos aims to deliver a clear path to simple and safe access to an industry that has already taken great strides in democratizing the world of finance.

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