Cryptocurrency exchange platformGDAX has been experiencing downtime with the most recent one starting on June 19, causing halt to ETH deposits and withdrawals.

Scheduled maintenance or security issue?

GDAX houses transactions for thousands of cryptocurrency investors per day. Despite the various media recognitions, the exchange platform has been under fire due to several outages this year. Earlier this month, GDAX VP Adam White mentioned they will have scheduled downtimes to ensure the smooth transactions. 

Preventing outages in the future

Such outages have become for major exchanges platforms as major market rally makes them the prime target for DDOS attacks and related cybercrimes.

Gavin Bryne of IT security firm Corvil suggests to always monitor the network microburst and the deep buffering of the systems in order to get a better idea of the available bandwidth in the system.

By doing so, trading platforms may minimize the period of the outages and prepare for such issues beforehand.

ETH transactions still halted

While a few transactions have been back to normal, ETH deposits and withdrawals are still partially halted:  

As of June 21, GDAX updates:

“Investigating - We're currently experiencing high latency that may cause the website to load more slowly than usual. We're investigating. Thanks for your patience.”