Gizmodo Australia editor Campbell Simpson has revealed he threw away a hard drive in 2012 containing 1,400 Bitcoins now worth $3.75 mln.

In an article on the site Thursday, Campbell recounts how he purchased $25 worth of Bitcoin when it was worth around 1.5 cents.

He stored the coins on a hard drive which subsequently began showing signs of technical problems and subsequently disposed of it.

“I had better portable hard drives,” he writes.

“I didn't need or care about anything on it. The photos were backed up to another portable drive, my writing was in Google Drive, the music was on my desktop PC. So I threw it away.”

The story is reminiscent of many which have surfaced as Bitcoin’s value has grown. Monday this week marked the infamous Bitcoin Pizza Day when Papa John’s accepted payment of 10,000 BTC for two pizzas back in 2010. Those pizzas now cost almost $25 mln.

Ironically, Gizmodo had published an identical article in 2013, as Bitcoin reached $1,000, ridiculing a man who had thrown out a hard drive with 7,500 BTC.

“​Some Fool Threw Away a Hard Drive with $7.5 Mln of Bitcoin On It,” the title of the article from November 27 of that year reads.