Iconiq Lab, a global initial coin offering (ICO) and token sale accelerator program based in Germany, will soon launch two new branches in the US and Asia, Patrick Lowry, CEO of Iconiq Lab, told Cointelegraph. The company is opening the US branch in New York in May 2018, with the first batch of the program set to begin in Sept. 2018. Dominic Ward, formerly of Startupbootcamp and currently an advisor at Iconiq Lab, will step in as the Managing Director of the US-based program. Dominic is finalizing his team for the program, which will begin sourcing and accepting applications in June 2018.

The Singapore branch will open in July 2018, with the first batch scheduled to begin in Nov. 2018. They are currently seeking an MD with experience as a venture capitalist (VC) to build the team in Asia.

“With the resounding success we are realizing with the German accelerator program and the unbelievable community feedback we have been receiving, scaling the program to the US and Asia is the next logical step for Iconiq Lab,” said Patrick Lowry. “Our aim is to deliver a high quality deal flow of potential ICO participation opportunities to our own ICNQ token holders. By expanding Iconiq’s global reach, we further enhance our capabilities to deliver this.”

What is Iconic Lab?

Iconiq Lab is a German ICO and token sale accelerator program. The company sources, funds, develops and accelerates the most promising cryptocurrency, Blockchain and tokenizable startups to their own ICO or token sale. They help launch tokens supported by real-world, sustainable business solutions.

Iconiq Lab was launched to address the needs of both crypto investors and ventures completing their own ICO’s. Iconiq Lab noticed a gap in the system between these two parties and launched the global ICO and token sale accelerator program with its very own ICO investors club, made possible through the launch of their own token, the ICNQ Club Membership Token. Holders of the ICNQ token have the exclusive right to participate in the presales of accelerator program graduates, creating a unique first-mover advantage on the highest bonuses and discounts of the graduate’s token sales.

Collaboration with EOS and FinLab

In Nov. 2017, FinLab AG, a publicly traded German FinTech company builder, placed a minority strategic investment into Iconiq Lab. After this collaboration Iconiq Lab has successfully launched an accelerator program. Iconiq Lab received almost 200 applications in late 2017 for the first batch of its accelerator program, and eventually selected only the top-five to enter the program, which began in Feb. 2018 in Germany.

The five selected companies are currently in the midst of a 12 week program and digital roadshow as they are propelled towards their own ICO. The five companies are all creating innovative Blockchain solutions. Some application are decentralizing, defrauding art and counterfeits, AI solutions, advertising in gaming and smart contracting to validate art.

In addition to this, FinLab AG, in collaboration with block.one (EOS), will be launching an 100 mln euro fund to finance projects being developed on the EOS platform. Patrick Lowry told Cointelegraph in exclusive correspondence, “Iconiq Lab is partnering with FinLab to develop the companies the fund has invested into through its accelerator program.”

Iconiq Lab joins BlockShow Europe 2018

Iconiq Lab will take part in BlockShow Europe. Patrick Lowry and Maximillian Lautenschläger, Iconiq Lab’s Managing Partners, will be there to represent Iconiq Lab alongside the 5 companies in the accelerator program.

“A lot of people interested in cryptocurrencies ask us 'how should we determine which ICO's we wish to invest in?' We hope to answer this question from the stage by detailing how we at Iconiq Lab perform our own due diligence on companies which apply to our program at BlockShow Europe. Crypto investors can leverage our thought process when evaluating their own ICO participation opportunities”, Max Lautenschläger said to Cointelegraph.

“We’ll be diving into how retail and institutional investors should evaluate ICO investment opportunities, specifically looking at the project’s team, their competencies, the project itself (does it solve a pain-point in crypto or traditional markets?), market opportunity, the technical feasibility of the platform, etc...” comments Patrick. He further adds that they will discuss how Iconiq Lab dives deeper and perform due diligence as traditional VCs do, performing reference checks on the team, talking to their partners, validating the legal documents behind the business and diving into the tokenomics of the platforms.

All BlockShow Europe 2018 guests will catch up on Iconiq lab and their updates, as well as many other companies and experts. The ticket discount code on official conference website is CTPOWER18. BlockShow Europe will bring in more than 3,000 attendees, the conference exhibition will include more than 150 projects, and over 120 organizations and companies will provide their support for the upcoming event. The BlockShow team is preparing up to 50 exclusive announcements from the stage, the BlockShow Oscar competition with selected startup projects, various panel discussions with top experts, solution sessions with industry sharks, a huge exhibition hall presenting the most prominent Blockchain businesses, and two days of networking and entertainment.