, home of Bitcoin project, is planning to allow Bitcoin developers and enthusiasts to earn Bitcoins by contributing to the development of the site.

According to Will Binns,’s project maintainer, they are currently looking for paid contributors in order to help them power up the system and resolve further issues that may stifle the project’s further growth.

Binns share the goals for inviting contributors:

  • Catalyzing efforts on to resolve issues and improve the site

  • Helping people earn some extra money for working on

  • Making it easier for anyone, anywhere in the world to discover Bitcoin

Earn Bitcoin from contributing

According to Binns, will be testing several bounties on various issues. Such issues are labeled accordingly Github bounty repository where users can see a list of all the issues that need contributing have corresponding bounty.

Those labeled with the Bounty mark are eligible for bounty payment, so when users click on the link of a particular issue, it is also possible to see the corresponding bounty. In order to contribute to the issue, users must submit a request to resolve their chosen issue along with their Bitcoin address to receive bounty payments on.

Binns also mentioned that another way to earn Bitcoins is to work on existing platform issues at an hourly rate. Although this has not been finalized yet, is working on the terms for this alternative.

The move is a win-win for both developers and users as it will help rekindle the very spirit by which was built upon:

“Invite talented humans to help with Bitcoin development at many levels.”