The Bitcoin cryptocurrency is increasing its popularity all around the world, but many experts support the argument that the real revolution is the Blockchain.

As we know, the Blockchain has many applications and it can be used in any industry, including the real estate market.

In this industry, the Blockchain can be used for property registry and cataloging, transactions, title insurance, security/anti-fraud, and for other key points of enhancement or disruption. Bitcoin’s technology could also be useful for crowdfunding, and for the securitization of real estate assets through digital currencies and tokens.

There are 3 main ways in which the Blockchain could change the real estate market: accelerating the process, providing security, and providing transparency.

For example, people could use a digital ID - created by using the Blockchain - for each real estate asset, and so the process of transferring ownership would be easier, faster and safer.

An event about real estate and the Blockchain

This is the main reason why Agentic Group organized an interesting event in New York City that will focus on the changes that are to come when real estate becomes "Blockchained".

The event will take place on the evenings of February 16th and 17th at RISE New York (a Barclays incubator), and it will feature Michael Broido, SVP/GC at Emigrant Realty Finance; Robert Gladstone, CEO of Madison Equities, a long-admired NYC real estate developer; Roy Abrams and Jim Ellsworth - the Co-CEOS of (Jim is the former MD of AIG Global Real Estate), and Blockchain experts, Christian Saucier of Ubitquity and Reggie Middleton of Veritaseum. We will also have Philadelphia real estate professional, Susanna Kunzel from Keller Williams, who recently made the news by selling luxury condos in Philly for Bitcoin.

Rik Willard, founder & managing director at Agentic Group, said:

“Real estate is one of those industries that the blockchain fits into very neatly, creating significant change and producing equally significant opportunities. It is crucial for blockchain developers, real estate professionals of all kinds -- developers, brokers, investors, insurance companies, and even vendors -- to be aware of the coming changes.”

Rik Willard, founder & managing director at Agentic Group