Bitcoin (BTC) has achieved a new all-time high Thursday as prices race past previous records set earlier this week.

Data from shows a new high of $4450 coming just days after a previous top reading of $4387.

The price movements come amid continued bullish sentiment throughout the Bitcoin industry, with multiple commentators forecasting further gains in the coming weeks.

In particular, confidence is building in Bitcoin’s ability to reach $5000 imminently, along with a $100 bln market cap which would make subsequent gains “easier,” Bobby Lee, CEO of Chinese exchange BCC tweeted Wednesday.

Responses to Lee suggested Bitcoin would be worth up to $6478 with a $200 bln market cap, roughly three times that of PayPal, the market cap of which Bitcoin overtook earlier this week.

Analyst Tone Vays, in his latest price forecast, additionally suggested a protracted five-week “bullish” period in which prices could continue inflating.

Further data from Coinmarketcap meanwhile reveals further records across cryptocurrency, with the overall market cap of all digital assets now at an unprecedented $144.64 bln.