The Inter-American Development Bank has launched a competition that invites projects to propose blockchain-based solutions for preventing violence against women, children and the elderly. Companies, entrepreneurs, startups and NGOs are all invited to submit their ideas.

The challenge, called "Blockchangel," was proposed in a joint alliance between the LACChain group's innovation laboratory and the Everis Foundation. Incorporating a blockchain is a requirement of the competition, and proposals must be applicable anywhere in Latin America and the Caribbean.

According to the rules of the challenge, the following criteria must be met to maintain eligibility:

  • Prevention level ("no more vulnerability"): Solutions are expected to incorporate geolocation and detect risk factors associated with violence and crime.
  • Control level ("no more stigma"): Projects must incorporate victim identification and activate action protocols according to vulnerability levels.
  • Action level ("no more impunity"): Must include an online registry that has legal validity.
  • Restorative level ("no more loneliness"): Submissions must provide anonymous follow-up and comprehensive support for victims.

The winners will have the chance to present their project for co-financing.

The IADB also lists the following nonmandatory benefits:

"The winning project and the two best-rated projects will form part of the IDB Group's network of global innovators prepared to exchange knowledge, experience, best practices and with ample opportunities to participate in regional networking events related to the IDB Group."

Violence statistics across Latin America

According to data provided by the Inter-American Development Bank, about 300 million children are victims of some type of violence by their caregivers. Of those, about 15 million adolescents have been victims of sexual abuse.

They also note that 1 in 10 elderly people have suffered violence, while 8,000 women have been murdered in Latin America in the last two years.