Las Vegas’ Interconnect conference is the scene for IBM unveiling its Hyperledger-based Blockchain application Monday.

The finished product, IBM Blockchain, is a one-stop shop for tailored networks allowing up to one thousand transactions per second.

Confirming the release, the company described it as the “first enterprise-ready Blockchain service based on Hyperledger.”

“Some time ago, we and several other members of the industry came to view that there needs to be a group looking after, governing and shepherding technology around Blockchain for serious business,” Vice President of Blockchain technology Jerry Cuomo commented to TechCrunch.

Hyperledger aims to bring Blockchain solutions to global enterprise via a team of developers collaborating on bespoke projects.

Notably, on the subject of security, Cuomo said that while he “couldn’t guarantee” the impenetrability of IBM Blockchain, measures had been taken to ensure as far as possible the resilience of the network for business clients.

These “include isolating the ledger from the general cloud computing environment, building a security container for the ledger to prevent unauthorized access and offering tamper-responsive hardware, which can actually shut itself down if it detects someone trying to hack a ledger.”

Earlier this month, IBM and Maersk partnered to complete their own Blockchain-based solution for international shipping, something which could be live by as soon as the fourth quarter of 2017.