Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX launched a learning platform dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

According to a June 16 announcement, the CoinDCX Learn platform is a blockchain and cryptocurrency academy that offers guides, articles, courses and lectures. The firm’s CEO and co-founder Sumit Gupta commented:

“With the potential to accelerate financial inclusion in India, as well as opening gateways to new forms of investing, cryptocurrencies can benefit everyone. However, for Indians to take full advantage of crypto, we need to lay the groundwork through appropriate education. With DCX Learn, we want to arm users with the knowledge necessary to navigate crypto markets.”

Making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone

The platform aims to explain the concepts of cryptocurrencies through infographics, tutorial videos and content that should be understandable by beginners. A CoinDCX spokesperson told Cointelegraph that the firm is already in talks with multiple Indian universities with the aim of promoting crypto education. He said:

“Should any educational institutions want to work with us to provide crypto education to the next generation, we welcome them to reach out to us for collaboration.”

CoinDCX states that informed users are less likely to fall victim to scams or lose their wallet’s private keys. Furthermore, the exchange notes that people who understand blockchain technology can better ascertain whether applying it can improve their business.

That being said, the CoinDCX spokesperson noted that in the future the firm plans to add the learning platform with more in-depth guides on subjects such as smart contract programming and other technical subjects.

Educating the masses on crypto

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still emerging technologies, and are not yet widely understood by the mainstream audience. In order to remedy this, various educational institutions and companies in the space are starting to offer special courses.

Earlier this month, Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra partnered with educational technology startup Idealabs to launch blockchain certification courses.

Furthermore, Canada’s York University School of Continuing Studies announced two blockchain courses at the end of May, while Australia-based RMIT University added two postgraduate programs in cybersecurity and blockchain.