One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan and one of the biggest Bitcoin brokers worldwide just announced their blockchain arm would be starting consulting services to address requests from new businesses on blockchain technology.

According to an April 27 press release, bitFlyer Blockchain said they would be offering a fifth service — consulting — in addition to the BaaS, Joint Business, miyabi Core, and RegTech services available at the firm. It aims to target companies starting new businesses and revolutionize task management in industries such as finance, manufacturing, technology, real estate, and public sectors. 

The move comes in response to requests bitFlyer Blockchain has received regarding blockchain technology. The company noted that corporations have made inquiries about Security Token Offerings (STO), building transparent supply chains, and how to make use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) for managing the IPs of video game content, music, and anime copyrights — big business in Japan. 

Headquartered in Tokyo with subsidiaries in Europe and the United States, bitFlyer aims to provide a one-stop solution for coming up with ideas for developing systems, implementation, and management. The crypto exchange recently gave their customers the option to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in U.S. dollars for no fees.

Hisashi Oki of Cointelegraph Japan contributed to this article.