Sometimes you have a comeback so good you have to wait until the perfect time to use it. Apparently, for Julian Assange, that time was when Bitcoin hit $5,746.51. The Wikileaks founder posted his comment on Twitter, after a stunning week of price jumps in the cryptocurrency’s value.  The tweet was accompanied by a chart of the value of Bitcoin.

Wikileaks was forced to invest in Bitcoin in 2010 after the release of sensitive government documents related to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The bipartisan attempt to cut Assange of from funding backfired, as he was forced to accept Bitcoin rather than dollars.Talk about a massive boon for Assange--he’s up 50,000%.

Bitcoin’s foundational principles?

Wikileaks has been on the forefront of revealing government corruption, and Assange has lived as a fugitive in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012. With all the antigovernment rhetoric, it’s no wonder Assange is not friendly with pro-government fiat currencies. Wikileaks and its founder represent the sort of non-governmental control that Bitcoin is founded upon.