The Kik Interactive token distribution event (TDE) has just concluded amid much fanfare, and with substantial success, in spite of growing regulatory concerns.

The company raised nearly $100 mln from more than 10,000 participants in 117 countries, which, interestingly, makes the token, Kin, one of the most widely held cryptocurrencies in the world.

Kik Interactive has already created a substantial amount of market force through its interactive chat program. The company hopes that integrating the Kin token into the platform will drive widespread adoption of the coin and propel it into common cryptocurrency usage. To that end, Kik also intends to include a rewards program within the platform at a later date.

Already there?

While the Kik TDE has gained substantial news, other chat and news platforms are also making headway into the chat and rewards program and may offer more advanced services and rewards.

These platforms stand to gain by intersecting chat platforms with traditional media news feeds, as media trends continue toward decentralization.