Japanese firm Layer X will be partnering with a digital identity application called xID to build a blockchain-based voting system in the Japanese city of Kaga.

In a Thursday announcement from LayerX, the Tokyo-based company said it will be developing the electronic voting project in an effort to promote safe and secure elections for the city of 68,000 inhabitants. The firm stated that the cost and stability of current electronic voting systems in the region needed to be addressed.

“Voting over the Internet presents more challenges, such as preventing double voting, technical hurdles to keep ballots secret, and the cost of voting devices,” stated the company announcement. “LayerX researched and developed an electronic voting protocol that balances the transparency of the voting process and the confidentiality of voting records.”

According to the firm, the xID application will strengthen the company’s existing voting system by helping verify a voter’s identity and ensuring only one ballot is issued per person. LayerX’s system will reportedly allow voters to check their own voting results, as well as provide the cryptographic ability to independently verify that the recording and aggregation processes for a particular vote was performed correctly on the blockchain network.

Officials in Kaga were the first in Japan to declare the area a “blockchain city.” The initiative was reportedly intended to address the country’s population decline in rural areas by encouraging firms in public and private sectors to use innovative technology. LayerX also made a similar announcement in November when it stated it would join Tsukuba City’s "smart city" initiative.