The reader might reasonably suggest: “who could have known?” Of course, almost nothing forecasted such a high price for the cryptographic currency, almost no one, except for some specialists and really dedicated believers were sure – the time of the Bitcoin will come, the price will be high, the economic value even bigger. As the price has hit and also left behind the pricelist attached to gold (for a day, but still it has happened), many started to remember their first meetings or experiences with the virtual currency. The memories are both – pleasant and accomplished, regretful and disheartening.

It is a real pleasure to observe people, who made the correct bid. They have not made small unreasonable purchases, considered Bitcoin as a form of investment and had the feeling for perfect timing. I suppose it has no necessity to be mentioned that people having such economic flair are unique and yet the Forbes lists have only some lucky beggars, the rest has completed tough and regular work to get the desired place. Some of the well-known entrepreneurs, investors and developers, who started to mine early or established some businesses are owners of millions, but some have given their luck away – with own hands and on personal behalf.

Cointelegraph has already written on occasions when people backslidden by Bitcoin have gotten rid from drives full of mined coins. One of the most recent examples is the IT-specialist from Wales, who threw away a piece of old hardware, forgetting about the coins he has mined and placed there. Another person from New York paid thousands of coins for a pizza, when the value was rather low. But the newest revelation was given by the singer, musician and actress Lily Allen. She has rejected an offer to do some work and to be paid in Bitcoin.

Five years ago, during the times of the rise of the virtual currency Allen’s agent received an offer from the developers of the popular game, real life simulator Second Life. The work proposal was about a gig to be made by the performer and streamed life. The payment sum in coins is not revealed, but now it would be worth more than 6 million pounds. The skeptic attitude of the musician towards the coin and the initiative of the company leaded to a definite “No”. Lily remembers that she has said “As if.” Only now she has told it to the Telegraph, being a little bit sad about her harsh reply and missed opportunity.

Even more obnoxiously is the fact that merchants from really criminal platforms like the Silk Road or other black market venues have already collected a fortune selling drugs, weapons and other illegal stuff for Bitcoin while the price was at its low. Let us hope that more of the coins will land in the pockets of people, who have really deserved it – with hard work and extraordinary talent.