Litecoin ATMs are reportedly popping up around the globe as the numbers have doubled in making it a market leader in digital currency-supported banking terminals.

There were an additional 91 ATM machines installed last June 2017 alone. That is a 13 unit increase from the growth of terminals in May 2017 which is 78.

The ATM terminals were installed globally in countries like the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Among these countries, the US remains having the largest share of newly installed Litecoin-supported ATMs.

In the US

Bitcoin of America has added 19 Litecoin capable terminals while RockitCoin added 40 of the company’s ATM machines. Athena Bitcoin also added 10 Litecoin capable terminals while Bitstop in Florida added eight new machines totaling to 40. Currently, the US holds half of the world’s Litecoin-integrated virtual currency ATMs.


Meanwhile, Canada has also joined other countries in increasing Litecoin terminal presence. Last month, LocalCoinATM announced that it has successfully integrated Litecoin support to eight ATM machines in Toronto.

United Kingdom

Aside from North America, the United Kingdom also joined the trend of increasing its Litecoin ATM presence. AlphaVend announced in May 2017 that it will soon launch a Bitcoin ATM which will feature Litecoin capability. The terminals will be located in Brighton, England.

A spokesperson of AlphaVend explained the choice of location saying Brighton has a long history and reputation for innovation and development.

“Brighton has a long reputation for innovation and embracing the new, and the social message behind Bitcoin, of a permissionless and stateless currency, will surely resonate with its free thinking and egalitarian residents.”

With the increasing number of ATMs supporting Litecoin, it’s only a matter of time till the altcoin gives Bitcoin a run to its current lead.