Several major companies and organizations like Tencent, courier delivery service provider FedEx, and the Ontario Ministry of Health have joined the Canada-based Blockchain Research Institute as of early October 2017. The other notable new members include Fujitsu, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. (DTCC), telecom firm Bell Canada, Deloitte Canada, and gold miner Barrick Gold.

According to Tencent’s Blockchain head Ray Guo, the institute is a good platform for companies to pursue their Blockchain research projects, among others.

"Blockchain Research Institute provides a great platform for Tencent and other members of the institute to carry out Blockchain research and discussion, which is of great significance to Tencent and the industry. We believe that the Blockchain+ era is coming!"

Brief profile of the institute

The Blockchain Research Institute was established by Don and Alex Tapscott in March 2017, with the support of major companies like International Business Machines (IBM) and PepsiCo, as well as several Blockchain startup firms. The institute was designed to serve as a center for academic research around Blockchain. The institute currently has over 50 experts who are conducting research and analysis.

In its latest announcement, the institute claimed that its team will be working on more than 70 projects. The institute has also started to issue reports on various research that has explored the possible applications of Blockchain technology.

Other new institute members

Aside from the previously mentioned companies, other new members of the institute are Capgemini Canada, Cimcorp, the Institute on Governance, and professional services provider KPMG LLP.

Also joining the institute as members are MKS Switzerland, interbank network operator Interac, food retailer Loblaw Companies, and Moog. These new member firms will be participating in the research projects being pursued by the institute.