Metaverse definitions are widely disputed. So it’s not surprising that most of the world is confused. Is there just one digital world or are there many? Will the metaverse supplement the real world or will it be the physical world supplementing the digital one? Unfortunately, despite so many questions circulating about the metaverse, looking at the current landscape of projects going live will provide few answers.

At present, many projects are looking at metaverse hype, in general, as an opportunity to attract users into their online community with short-term incentives like money-making opportunities and flashy digital collectibles. Therefore, despite users needing to learn what the metaverse is and how it will benefit them, most are still joining these projects out of curiosity.

While initial excitement is good, excitement doesn’t build and sustain long-lasting communities. Instead, long-lasting communities are built out of true value and strong connections. With this in mind, the projects showing the most potential are the ones that recognize metaverse uncertainty as a real opportunity to educate the public.

Upland is one project that recognizes the metaverse and the ongoing opportunity for educating and building real communities; it is one of the largest virtual property strategy games that is mapped to the real world. In Upland, fans learn how to participate and contribute to its virtual community-driven environment. In addition to showing its players a new world of gaming with engaging real estate gameplay, Upland's wide variety of activities supports education efforts and connects fans together through existing communities like FIFA, the worldwide governing body for soccer.

Upland is currently working alongside FIFA to create gamified experiences and allow community members to connect in support of their favorite national teams. Currently, for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, Upland is constructing a realistic replica of the Lusail Stadium, complete with branded villages, showrooms and stores for fans to visit virtually in the metaverse. There will also be collectible FIFA-branded NFTs such as essentials, passes, mementos and spotlights so users can truly “own your colors.”

Introducing real-world utility

In conjunction with the live event, Upland is inviting fans to begin their metaverse journey by purchasing and exchanging digital homes, each of which is based on a real-world address that exists in one of 22 available cities. Much like the real world, these properties will increase in value as users build structures and customize them to their liking, and with this new partnership users can include support for the FIFA World Cup 2022™ with national flags and other collectible decor. Moreover, Upland has specially reserved properties labeled FSA for The Fair Start Act that allow newer players to purchase at a reduced price point.

Demonstrating a strong connection to the sports community is only part of the value the platform hopes to gain. In addition to displaying items, fans are also allowed to establish shops on metaverse domains, where they can sell assets they have purchased and collected, allowing first-time users to learn the ropes of becoming a metaverse entrepreneur.

By participating, users will also have the opportunity to win one-of-a-kind prizes, including a metaverse replica of the Official FIFA World Cup Stadium and other properties like the historic FIFA World Cup Village.

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Since building long-lasting communities is crucial to the metaverse’s value proposition, it makes sense that Upland is looking to the single biggest sporting competition in the world that unites countries and people, the FIFA World Cup 2022™. Through its Web3 experience, Uplanders will be given common ground, for which they can socialize with like-minded players and collaborate on gaming strategies that extend beyond sports.

The start of a legacy

Upland invites new users to join its current community of 3 million users to explore FIFA World Cup fandom in a virtual metaverse experience, unlike anything the world has ever seen. Uplanders will be able to buy, sell and trade FIFA-branded NFT collectibles like spotlights that are linked to videos of key plays and mementos that are linked to the stats of individual games.

As the real-world celebration of the FIFA World Cup 2022™ champion approaches, Upland will share plans to announce its first-ever capital city opening of the tournament’s winning country. Therefore, even as the FIFA World Cup 2022™ comes to a close, the legacy of this year's event will be preserved forever in the Upland metaverse through the community and the digital assets they acquire.

Material is provided in partnership with Upland

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