There are literally hundreds of millions of video game players worldwide, playing everything from Facebook games to high end first person shooters like Halo or MMOs like Rift and Lord of the Rings Online. According to Steam, one of the largest gaming platforms, Counterstrike averages more than 100,000 players at any one time. Multiplayer games are a multibillion dollar business. 

There are also many ways to actually earn money playing video games. Pro gamers, people who make excellent livings competing for prizes, number in the hundreds, possibly thousands and new games are popping up every day. If you do not consider yourself a professional however and just want to make a few extra dollars without years of experience, the above mentioned Counterstrike is a good place to start. Counterstrike holds regular prize pool tournaments that pay as much as $250,000 in prizes. 
But now the games have changed a bit. HYPER, a virtual currency that can be traded for Bitcoin, has set up a Counterstrike server that offers free HYPER for not only winning tournaments but also for in-game activities such as planting, exploding and defusing bombs, obtaining in-game achievements, or fragging bots during play. The server’s IP is and there are promises of a following Minecraft server that will eventually be included in a HYPER arcade that will feature both top end but indie games and even have an old cult space 4X MMO. Game stats are also currently available to the general public at Micro gaming. The plan is to building a gaming network rivaling both Steam and Arc that will have thousands of users earning HYPER while they are playing, potentially reaching an audience of millions as more games become available. 
While profit is certainly a motive the company also seems driven to promote cryptocurrencies into a more general market. Currently the market is mostly limited to tech geeks and investors and some of the exchanges are still requiring investments only from accredited investors. But the more people who have, and want to spend, a particular cryptocurrency, the better it is for the entire industry. When the ecosystem expands so will the base and this can be done in a top-down or bottom-up manner. HYPER seems to prefer the bottom-up approach. 
If you are not an avid gamer, Counterstrike is a space based 4X MMO (massively multiplayer online) - this is based on successful world building and is modeled after such classics as Master of Orion, Sins of a Solar Empire and Endless Space. The design team that developed the HYPER server incarnation was composed of coders, authors, artists, sound experts, game mechanics experts, a project manager and, of course, science fiction fans. The HYPER server allows players to get paid for in-game actions in the cryptocurrency itself. 
MMOs are popular for a number of reasons. The first is that the game world is usually both persistent and dynamic. When you collect in-game items for instance, whether it’s property, weapons or other resources, those items are still there the next time you log in. Most of these games have their own in game currency. Lord of the Rings Online for instance has two forms of money. The first is copper, silver, gold and platinum, which can be traded for certain items sold by vendors. There are also Turbine points which must be purchased in the LOTRO store that can be used for other items sold in the store. LOTRO does give players Turbine Points when “Deeds” are completed, but not for other in-game actions. HYPER CS however awards HYPERS for a wide range of in-game actions, some quite minor. 
The game world is set 10,000 years in our future when humanity has spread across the stars and galaxies. Travel, and trade, to these distant places requires a fueled called HYPER that can only be found, and mined, from the centers of dying stars. Even civilizations which have no forms of money must have HYPER and resources, especially hard to obtain resources are always fertile ground for conflicts. Players are responsible for managing a world and turning it into an empire. 
The company’s vision is to add value to gaming and encourage the development of new indie games around the world and feel that cryptocurrencies are not only a way to get this done but are also the future of money. If the company’s goal is to increase the number of services and games that accept HYPER then this coin promises to be a very good investment and its wide availability will certainly increase its chances.