Nasdaq announced the first six inaugural clients of its new blockchain-enabled platform “Nasdaq Linq.” The first participants will include, ChangeTip, PeerNova, Synack, Tango, and Vera.

Robert Greifeld, Nasdaq CEO conducted the first demonstration of its new platform at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday:

“We are extremely encouraged by the initial demand for Nasdaq Linq from these innovative, first-mover companies, and the validation it represents of our application of blockchain technology,” said Robert Greifeld.

He added:

“Blockchain applied to the private market is innovation built on top of innovation, and carries with it the opportunity to forever alter the future of financial services infrastructure.”

Nasdaq Linq is the “first platform of its kind … a digital ledger technology that leverages a blockchain to facilitate the issuance, cataloging and recording of transfers of shares of privately-held companies on The NASDAQ Private Market.”

In other words, the platform’s clients will be provided with a comprehensive ledger that will make it easier to perform audits, issuance governance and transfer of ownership.

Earlier this year Nasdaq has named blockchain API developer Chain as the first company that will be trialing a blockchain backed version of the group's Private Market for trading pre-IPO company's shares.

"Chain is thrilled to be powering Nasdaq Linq and to be an inaugural client of this innovative new platform," said Adam Ludwin, CEO of Chain. "We are excited to leverage Nasdaq Linq to issue and manage our company's securities in a more efficient and transparent way."