NEO is launching the NEO3 Preview1 on a pilot testing network today, intending to introduce its developer communities to major updates in NEO3.

First NEO3 TestNet

On Sept. 17, in a press release shared with Cointelegraph, NEO Global Development (NGD) announced that it is releasing the NEO3 Preview1 build. 

Despite the fact that the official release of NEO3 is not until next year, the Preview1 build provides several insights into architectural changes and some major updates. In response to the release, Erik Zhang, NEO Founder, noted that:

"Through the NEO3 Preview1 pilot, we've advanced forwards towards our goal of delivering large-scale commercial applications — something which I believe is of critical importance for achieving a smart economy as well as next-gen Internet. Moving forward, we aim to further accelerate NEO3's development to overcome current roadblocks and deliver unmatched stability, throughput, and an optimized developer experience."

NEO partners with Ontology 

Cointelegraph reported in July that Chinese blockchain platforms Ontology and NEO were partnering to create an interoperable protocol in a bid to spur development of the next-generation internet. The two blockchain firms reportedly intended to build an open, global cross-chain platform based on an interoperability protocol that would harness both companies’ strengths.