New global Bitcoin ATM installations appear to have tapered off slightly since the beginning of the New Year. Cointelegraph’s content partner, Coin ATM Radar, reports that as of January 26, 2015, there are 341 BTMs in operation around the globe, and new ones are going live at a rate of about one every three days.

According to Coin ATM Radar’s Bitcoin ATM map, there have been four new installations in the last 10 days. Below are the locations where you can find them (and if you’re traveling, find locations on the go with Coin ATM Radar’s iOS app, launched just before Christmas).

In , a cafe in Chūō-ku called the Snack announced it had installed the second BitOcean kiosk in the world, a two-way BTM that charges 5% fees and caps transactions at 50,000 JPY per day. Bitcoin users in can also spend their money at the Snack. This BitOcean machine is now the third available Bitcoin ATM in Japan.

In , Busyfeet & Coco Cafe on

announced it had installed a one-way Skyhook ATM. No word yet what kind of fees the machine charges or what transaction limits are, but the cafe itself does accept bitcoin payments.

continues to be a hotbed of Bitcoin activity, with a one-way Skyhook BTM finding a new home at Healthy Noodle House on

. The BTM, managed by local company Bitcoin Solutions, crypto-to-fiat transactions, charging a 5% fee and limiting transactions to CA$3,000 per person per day.

“The machine was previously placed in Surrey and was operated by Crypto Think Tank,” Coin ATM Radar writes, “but later was acquired by BTC Solutions and moved to .”

, has its first BTM, a one-way Skyhook machine that you can find at the Boise TechMall on

. No information is yet available about the machine’s transaction limits or fees, but we have discovered that the TechMall does have an automated beer dispenser, with beer from local brewery Sockeye Brewing.

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