In Early June Apple surprised everyone when they updated their developer guidelines to permit new apps that “facilitate the transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for territories in which the app functions”. The statement was not clear however if it included all virtual currencies or only specific ones under specific conditions.

Now, Fortune has arrived to the iTunes app store allowing users to track up to 25 various cryptocurrencies with ease. Some of the coins supported include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Feathercoin, NXT, Litecoin, and more.

The app, which was developed by Mahdi Yusuf and Mark Stephenson, allows you to track the net worth of your virtual currencies and compares your buy price to the current market value for another POV. “It is currently optimized for iOS 7 and large-screen iPhones,” said Yusuf, “but they all work for iPhone 4 and iPads.”

Mahdi Yusuf

Mark Stephenson

The Fortune app basically functions as a virtual currency wallet that also tracks your digital currency. The home screen displays your total net worth in cryptocurrency, the amount, and in what currency you are currently holding your coins along with their value price chart for the past 24-hours. Tapping one of the values gives you a more detailed analysis by tracking the changes of value over time, and let’s you edit an entry, adjusting your amount, etc.

The cell phone became the smart phone when someone thought to add internet connectivity that allowed people to reach the world from a tiny device carried in their pocket. New innovative apps like this could serve much the same function for our financial lives, allowing us to track of our assets in real-time.

But the increasing availability of cryptocurrency apps for the iOS platform is also an indication that interest in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is growing as both customers and businesses begin to realize the advantages of this new payment system.

As far as an Android version goes, Mahdi Yusuf said:

“We are seeing how iPhone release goes, if there is increased demand for android, we could definitely see building one out!”


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