The Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) worlds are exploding with new technology and developments. Companies and individuals are jumping on board, seeking new and innovative applications of this very powerful technology.

The world was first captured by the power of AR with Pokemon Go, the mobile-based AR game that caught on world wide. VR has been a potential reality for some time, but the hardware was astronomically expensive and the graphics were poor. Now those two issues have been solved with the entry into the market of cheaper hardware and fantastic graphics.

The problem, however, is content. It’s rather tricky to produce content for AR/VR applications as it requires a great deal of skill and hardware. Every app developer is forced to film their own 3D objects, creating a really sizable barrier to entry into the mainstream.

The very notion that has made App Stores so popular is the ability for anyone who can code to build an app that might go viral. With AR/VR, that possibility is hindered by the need for content.

Cappasity offers a content database of 3D images and other content,  which can be accessed either for rent (via remote access) or purchase (fully downloadable). The content solves the issue for mainstream adaptation of AR/VR.

Blockchain infrastructure

Сappasity is the first platform that leverages Blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. This approach ensures decentralized and trustless copyrights’ storage and exchange of creative content.

Based on smart contract protocols and the novel Blockchain architecture EOS which scales to millions of transactions per second, the new decentralized platform is designed to empower users to protect and transfer their copyrights.

Businesses, app developers and others can access and use the content with minor up front costs. Further, the company provides a quality system for users to film and build their own 3D images with ease, share them with other users within the ecosystem, and make a profit if they’d like via tokens - which are called AR Tokens, or ART.

Ultimately, the need for 3D content will continue to grow but the large setup cost for 3D image creation will drive businesses to third party solutions. As Cappasity sees it, the applications are limitless as the business world begins to understand the power of such content.

One of the industries where 3D content is already being used to great effect is e-commerce. For an online-based shop with no physical outlets, 3D models are the only way to provide customers with the ability to inspect an item before making the buying decision.

Customers interact with 3D products the same way as with real ones. They look at them from all sides, see the details and better understand what they are about to purchase. Such immersive experience is essential for e-commerce and results in higher conversion and lower product return rates.

Decentralized billing system

Cappasity plans to issue its own digital token, named ART, which will provide a decentralized billing system where both clients and creators can have access to 3D images within the ecosystem of content exchange from all over the world.

ART value would grow exclusively with the growth of the content ecosystem, as transaction fees have been eliminated by use of the EOS platform. Content creators would be able to earn ARTs by uploading, saving and selling their self-created 3D content. The token sale is scheduled to start in mid-September.

With the AR/VR world growing so rapidly, Cappasity is certainly positioned well to expand. The desire for high-quality 3D content with low-level entry cost will only continue to increase, and companies that can provide such content will be poised for massive growth potential.


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