New Platform Says It Enables Regular and Advanced Users to Create Their Own Crypto Fund

Crypto funds act as a “basket” of different digital assets and can offer a variety of benefits over purchasing individual coins, such as ease of management and the relative safety that comes with diversification. Fortunately, creating and maintaining your own fund just became a lot easier, the platform notes. 

The team behind the Iconomi platform says it wants to offer a way for all users — regular and advanced — to easily get involved in cryptocurrency funds, without the complications that often come with traditional offerings like exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which can find customers navigating obscure terms and putting up with minimum buy-ins. 

The solution the company found has been to enable customers to create and manage their own personal index, with exposure to 70+ coins, the ability to use algorithms “to maximize returns,” and the option to rebalance the fund in “a few clicks.”

The reason that some users look to actively or passively managed funds, as opposed to just individual coins, is that diversity comes with a variety of benefits. For one, clients don’t have to pick and choose which projects they support one at a time, but instead can create a portfolio that intelligently channels their money into predefined currencies. Another boon is that diversity offers some protection against the volatility of the market, which is a well-known risk in crypto.

Iconomi has come in to offer users control over their own fund, whereas usually one would have to seek out such a product from an institution, often putting up with limitations such as lack of control over how the money is managed. With Iconomi’s system, anyone can retain all the power and set up not only their own basket of projects to support but also define their own strategies for rebalancing their index.


Following experts

Some individuals may not want complete control over their own fund, and in that case, Iconomi has plenty of hands-off options. By offering an array of baskets that are actively managed by Iconomi experts, users can have the confidence of following someone who already has their own strategy and can rebalance the fund without any work on the part of the user.

In a recent interview with CriptoNoticias, Iconomi’s co-founder and CEO, Tim M. Zagar, discussed t