The developer of Minecraft presents his new game – Cliffhorse that could be purchased via Dogecoin or downloaded for free. 

The author of the game Markus "Notch" Persson jokingly asks whether “ironically buying an ironic game for ironic money [is] actually ironic?” 

So it is no surprise Persson chose exactly Dogecoin, as this currency previously gained popularity of a currency of donation. 

However, during the first days after release Cliffhorse has made 280 000 DOGE which is about $100

The project is supposed to be a parody rather than a full game. Persson wrote that it took about 2 hours of working on the Unity engine to create the game. 

Cliffhorse is the first commercial game from Markus Persson after the success of the famous Minecraft game. The popularity of Minecraft is outstanding; the game became one of the best-selling games and approached about 50 million sales

In Cliffhorse, players can control a horse that can climb absolutely everywhere in the game: to any mountain, slope or sometimes even go vertical. 

The idea of such a horse was inspired by other games - Goat Simulator and a famous The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in which horses can climb almost anywhere a player decides. 

At the moment of writing the game is available only for Windows and there are no guarantees of future updates.