Nextcoin (NXT) will now take part in producing its own video games with the unveiling of its new startup game company Nxt Mania Games

Nxt is a second generation digital currency or “crypto 2.0” that has already faced a major jump in market cap after launch of its asset exchange on May 29. 

Nxt Mania Games creates games similar to Tetris or Nxtrix, to be precise, which are available for iPhone and iPad. 

Today, players of Nxt Mania Games, who are supposed to be called Nxter, will be able to bet NXT coins on games and play against other Nxters. 

“If you bet 50 NXT, and another player joins the room and accepts, you will play against him. The winner of the game gets 98% of the betted amount, which means in this case he will get 98 NXT, as 2% are split between the investors in Nxt Mania Games,” reads the announcement on 

Even though Apple’s recent guidelines say that “Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions”, some believe that this is a smart step before the launch of Apple’s own currency. 

However, the announcement from Nxt Mania states: 
“Nxt Mania Games are on top of the situation and promises that if Apple continues to reject the main crypto currencies, it will not stop them. A possible tweak could be that you play for “tetrispoints” instead of NXT. You will be able to change those points into NXT 1:1 online on your user panel whenever you want.” 
The project has already received positive feedback from internet users as the concept of playing classic online games with the one-on-one betting option using cryptocurrency is ready to be embraced by the online gaming community.