is one of the premeir Bitcoin sport books on the web. They have built up a very good reputation on the web for paying out on time and supporting a wide variety of games and sports. acts as a standard sports book, but also adds a variety of contests, both free and paid, that change along with the sport seasons. A portion of the site's profits are put into a Jackpot fund that is awarded to Parlay winners with the highest payout.

NitrogenSports, in addition to its promotional contests, has two main betting categories. The first works like a normal online sports book.

Each sport has its own category, each with their own subcategories. All the major and several minor sports are covered, including e-sports. The subcategories vary by sport but are generally the ones you would see in any Vegas sports book. Users can bet on odds, by the spread, over/under point totals and various prop bets.

Parlays can be made by adding several bets to one betting slip. Up to 20 teams can be picked for a single parlay.

The second betting system is user-to-user, which allows users to make their own bets and allow other users to back the bet or “lay” against it with whatever odds they can find a user to take.

- Smooth Interface For Mobile, Tablet and PC

Nitrogensports' interface works is touch-enabled and designed to work with most popular screen sizes.

- No Sign Up Required to Bet

The first time you visit Nitrogensports, a unique URL is created for you. That URL is all you need to deposit Bitcoin and place bets. When you want to withdraw you will have to sign up, but no email is required.

- Instant Deposits (Bet With 0 Confirmations)

As soon as your deposit hits the blockchain you will be able to make bets, before it receives even one confirmation.

- Automatic Withdraws

Withdraws are processed automatically, no waiting for employees to manually process

- In-site Support Tickets (No Need To Email Support)

Just because you need some help doesn't mean you should have to give up your anonymity. Nitrogensports has a built-in support feature, letting you communicate directly to the staff.

- Built-In Chat Box

Chat with other betters. You know how this goes, it's like the troll box at Bitcoin exchanges, only everyone is talking about sports!

- Various promos, leagues and contests

NFL Survivor Pools, Parlay Jackpots, NCAA Brackets and other contests are constantly running according to the sports season.

- Peer-to-peer betting system

Set your own odds and bet against anyone willing!

- Two factor Authentication

Add extra security by enabling two factor authentication using Google Authenticator or Authy app

“. . .undoubtedly one of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks”

– John Delono,

“One of the best sportsbooks in the world”

– James Canning,

“Its one of the bests sportsbooks ive ever seen”

elephantas1, Forums

Cointelegraph: started out as a social betting site and is now the web's most well known Bitcoin sports book, what do you attribute your success to?

NitrogenSports: We have a fantastic and passionate team, and very engaged users. That community (of staff, mods and bettors) has really been the root of our success. Our users love to challenge each other, and us! We take all suggestions seriously and Nitrogen Sports has really grown as a result of shared ideas of what the future of betting should look like.

CT: You started out as a “social betting site” before transforming into what you are today. Can you give us a little overview on what that transition was like and what made you decide to focus on Bitcoin betting?

NS: Absolutely! Behind the scenes, we're a hardworking team that's incredibly excited about the future of technology and gambling. It was clear to us that online gambling would hugely benefit from embracing bitcoin, the biggest benefits being instant transactions, low transaction costs, anonymity, and security. Adopting bitcoin wasn't just a choice, it became the entire direction for Nitrogen Sports. Our original vision was to create a social sportsbook - a space where bettors could interact with each other. Bitcoin allows us to offer the best of both worlds: anonymity and socialization.

CT: What can we expect in the future from

NS: We're so excited about the future of bitcoin, both as it features in the gambling world, and as its own entity. We have some big plans for our bettors, so stay tuned!