Over the last century, motion pictures have provided a two-dimensional experience, bringing some of the world's most told stories to life. Unfortunately, despite their ability to breathe life into the written word, movies have traditionally originated with a centralized heritage guided by institutions that monopolize the creation of these stories.

As technology shifts from a centralized to a decentralized model, the world has learned that how films are financed, produced and distributed is changing in a way that connects fans and stars with the same passion for culture. Under this new model of Web3, contributions are placed in users' own hands, giving them the rights to their assets and allowing them global access to platforms that will be interoperable.

At the core of the joint creation ecosystem is Olyverse, Olyseum's digital entertainment 3.0 brand. The platform is aimed to create a new audiovisual format and connect stars with their fans through digital assets assembled in stories told by the best directors.

To explain this concept further, Carlos Grenoir, Olyseum CEO and co-founder, shares that "with Olyverse, we take another step in uniting the worlds of art and cinema and present the new Hollywood 2.0. A new, decentralized, collaborative storytelling format relies on fan participation. And who better to start with than Álvaro Morte and Koldo Serra, who have revolutionized the audiovisual panorama through Money Heist". 

Together, the Money Heist actor, Spanish film director, and former football player will achieve this with an experimental NFT concept –– nonfungible stories (NFS).

Meet the art leader

Nonfungible stories (NFS) are a graphical animation series that will use blockchain to let users access exclusive content, one-of-a-kind experiences and the opportunity to determine how a story will evolve and conclude. For the end-user, some of the benefits include the ability to pre-watch episodes before the general public and live through the experiences of the main characters –– other stars –– themselves. 

The first NFS set to be released is called "The art leader,” referring to the asset's plot. In this story, a hacker by the name of Olyver must take on a mission of saving universal works of art that a hacker has threatened to steal to feed on them and eventually destroy. To ensure his victory, Álvaro Morte must craft a plan and recruit a talented team, a task that extends episode after episode,  including a cast of celebrities.

Olyverse shares that these NFTs will be made available for purchase through Olyverse's token, OLY and Ethereum (ETH), or by credit or debit card on its platform.

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As a community-driven project, Olyverse is founded on a social character and a commitment to art, with culture and social well-being integrated into its DNA. To demonstrate this outcome, Olyverse will donate a percentage of its revenue to different social causes chosen by the star of each episode.

The first collection released by Álvaro Morte is set to open with a cause that he himself has selected, donating part of the profits to fight childhood cancer through the CRIS Foundation, a private and independent foundation.

A pre-sale of what is to come

The first Álvaro Morte collection sold out in 84 seconds, resulting in a total of $1 million raised at the November 14th pre-sale.

Following the project’s launch in June, the team behind Olyverse shares their excitement toward delivering new experiences and series’ episodes linked to the NFS during the next three years. Some of these experiences will include an exclusive party in Ibiza and other attractive locations around the globe; one-on-one experiences like cooking with a celebrity chef or participating in acting masterclasses. Olyverse will also be looking to co-produce an original TV series with Álvaro Morte and other celebrities, which will be guided completely by fans. Together, the team is set to deliver an immersive and exhilarating experience.

A new paradigm in NFT dynamics

Olyverse creates a new paradigm within the NFTs dynamics. A key aspect is led by Farzin Fardin Fard, CEO of 3F Music Dubai: the official curator and wholesaler of Olyverse and the main owner of Álvaro Morte’s first NFT collection.

Farzin, with 3F Music, will be responsible for distributing the Olyverse NFTs to the secondary market with the structured and balanced supply necessary to generate a dynamic and healthy environment that favors quality and scarcity. This dynamic promotes the gamification of NFTst, encouraging exclusivity on an open, free field.

3F Music is a perfect partner for Olyverse, with its new state-of-the-art media and recording facilities in Dubai, impressive collection of NFTs, and Farzin Fardin Fard being the mastermind, who will work hand in hand with Carlos Grenoir, Álvaro Morte and the rest of the Olyverse team.

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