Patrick J. Feeney
Personal Details

Patrick J. Feeney, born 1974, currently living in Stamford, Connecticut


Patrick says Wall Street is an education in market psychology and how people think and feel about money. He holds degrees in finance and information technology from Fairfield University and the University of Connecticut. He is currently pursuing a master’s in computer science.

Professional experience and achievement

Patrick is owner and CEO of BitCoin Nation, LLC. He has more than 15 years of experience as a hedge fund trader. Prior to starting BitCoin Nation, he was responsible for analyzing, investing, and trading all types of investment vehicles.


His 3-year-old son, Jack; Bitcoin markets; stock markets; guitar; “anything outside”

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Patrick says he remembers overhearing a conversation about “e-cash” in the lobby of a hedge fund in the spring of 2013. He researched further when he got home and has been a fan of Bitcoin since.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Patrick says he has a number of products geared toward ATMs, coin machines, direct deposit and identification processing under development, but he is unable to speak openly about them yet because some of the companies he is negotiating with are publicly traded.