Good news for Go Game fans. Now players can buy their favorite game at Go Game Guru Store using digital currency as a payment method.
“Finally, we accept bitcoin payments too. If you’d like to pay with bitcoin, you can just proceed through the normal checkout process and select your preferred payment method when asked. You’ll be redirected to the Coinbase payment gateway to complete your payment.”
At the moment, Go Game Guru is also the biggest source of news articles and commentary about the game of Go in English.

It is believed that Go board game for two players has been arguably the simplest and most fascinating strategy game for more than two thousand years.

In Go game players take turns to place game pieces, called stones on the board, making one move per turn. The Go game helps to improve memory, concentration and discipline. However, it takes time to become a good Go Game player. The Go Game Guru was started by David Ormerod and An Younggil 8p in August 2010 as part of a mission to help promote the game and raise the level of play in Go throughout the world.

David is a game enthusiast, a 5 dan amateur Go player and is the editor of Go Game Guru. While Younggil is an 8 dan professional Go player with the Korean Baduk Association. He won the ‘Prize of Victory of the Year’ in 1998 for winning 18 consecutive professional games. He now lives in Sydney, Australia, where he runs his own Go school.

At the store customers may buy Go sets, boards, stones and bowls. All items could be shipped worldwide.

This is what the guys wrote to /r/Bitcoin about starting to accept digital currency payments:
“Bitcoin is only recently starting to become well known, but we accept bitcoin because we believe it’s a revolutionary innovation and we want to support the emerging bitcoin economy. Bitcoin isn’t perfect and has many critics (like all new technologies), but it’s the best and most secure way to send money over the internet that’s been invented so far.”

Small businesses for enthusiasts in different fields and hobbies are another and very powerful part in Bitcoin promotion as they help to raise the acknowledgment of digital currency all over the world.

David (left) plays Go with Younggil (right) at a Go club.