Crypto exchange Poloniex announced it has added the DeFi token Decentr to its DeFi Innovations Zone. 

Decentr, an immutable platform that collects and secures user data, allows people to monetize their internet activity. Its native toke, DEC, is used to buy and sell data and, according to Poloniex, “helps to determine the value of users’ data.” Users can earn or lose personal data value, or PDV, based on the positive or negative interactions within the Decentr platform. Positive PDV increases the spendable value of the DEC tokens.

DEC is the latest DeFi project Poloniex added to its stable. The crypto exchange said adding DEC is part of its continuing support for DeFi projects.

Poloniex also recently announced it is adding U.S. elections-based trades months ahead of the November 2020 polls. It added TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE to its innovation zone. The assets allow people to bet on the results of the elections.