Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, announced the launch of a new fund based around his own person and brand.

"Today I am announcing a new rolling fund that will be backed by a group of successful investors across Silicon Valley and Wall Street," Pompliano said in a Sept. 11 blog post announcement. "This rolling fund structure gives me ultimate flexibility, which I believe will lead to a significant advantage when investing in early stage technology companies."

Pompliano plans to open a solo general partner, or GP, fund as a solo capitalist. Essentially, Pomp is turning himself and his brand into a fund for investing in startups, while also capable of receiving outside investments. "One of my guiding principles has always been: 'You will never regret betting on yourself,'" Pompliano explained.

The innovator described "frictionless solo GP fund structures" as a newer opportunity for individuals with brands and notoriety based around themselves. Big-time YouTubers and influencers hold as a good example. They often have large followings, sponsorships and content, based around themselves as people, amid the sector in which they provide content. This business structure turns such individuals investable entities, who can then turn around and put that money toward other funding opportunities, Pompliano explained. 

This business move makes sense for Pompliano, whose personal brand has reached significant size. Among his endeavors, Pompliano has a well-known podcast, as well as a Twitter presence holding an audience of almost 370,000.  

Pompliano mentioned a changing atmosphere ahead, spurring the growth of individuals as businesses entities — solo-capitalists as he formally called them, which will bring a bevy of changes to the overall business world landscape, including emphasis on individual identity.

"The best part is that these fund structures significantly increase access for the average person to the venture capital asset class. Any accredited investor can now invest with me, rather than the opportunity only being accessible to large institutions. We may not be able to decentralize the world yet, but rolling funds brings us one step closer to the ultimate goal."

An expert in the crypto space, Pompliano is also a massive Bitcoin advocate, famous for his classification of Bitcoin as a non-correlated asset, separate from traditional finance. 

UPDATE Sept. 11, 15:18 UTC: This article has been updated.