A prominent cryptocurrency swap platform has unveiled its latest mobile apps — a second iteration for Android users, and a long-awaited debut on iOS.

Changelly says its software, available on Google Play and through Apple’s App Store, delivers a fixed-rate mechanism that mitigates the risk of fluctuations in the market when cryptocurrencies are being exchanged. A flat fee is offered for crypto-to-crypto conversions — a rate that Changelly claims is one of the lowest on the market today.

The company says that this fixed rate is achieved by integrating a small reserve inside the exchange rate when the final figures are presented to the user. As a result, consumers can be confident that the funds they are projected to receive will be accurate upon delivery. Given the unpredictability that can surround crypto — with recent headlines showing that Bitcoin prices crashed by $1,500 within 24 hours — Changelly hopes this certainty will instill confidence in the crypto market for all.

Compact and functional

The Changelly mobile apps have been designed to offer an experience not too dissimilar from its web platform. Users can log in using their regular account, exchange or purchase cryptos with ease, choose from eight languages, delve deeper into an array of coins and see the real-time rates for each of them. A full and comprehensive History section outlines past transactions, and a Support section means users can seek help from trained customer service professionals whenever they have questions. Frequently used crypto addresses can also be saved to make regular transfers simpler than ever before.

Changelly’s app is available here

The best rates possible

Changelly says it uses a sophisticated trading algorithm that scours exchanges to find the best rates when users want to swap one cryptocurrency for another. This technology has also been integrated into large and reputable trading platforms.

One example given the company concerns someone who wants to convert XRP into Dogecoin. On a conventional platform that doesn’t have a trading pair between the two cryptocurrencies, two conversions would have to be made — initially from XRP to Bitcoin, and then from Bitcoin to Dogecoin. As well as delaying the transfer, this also doubles the fees associated with completing the transaction. Changelly’s unique selling point is ensuring that this conversion can take place immediately, meaning that only one low commission is charged. Given how there are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the marketplace today, the company is vying to offer crypto enthusiasts the freedom that most exchanges struggle to provide.

Educating the public

Changelly says that one of the main hurdles to cryptocurrency adoption is ensuring that the public is fully educated about its potential — not to mention the basic principles underlying blockchain technology and the latest trends. To this end, the platform has developed a crash course enabling newbies to learn more about crypto.

As well as delivering a full explanation of the types of crypto assets out there, it sets out the difference between hot and cold wallets, as well as a clear explanation of the different payment methods that can be used to buy crypto. A breakdown of the difference between decentralized and centralized exchanges is also provided, along with details of common scams and the risks associated with trading.

Changelly says its crash course is well suited to those who are exploring crypto for the first time, as well as more experienced users who wish to expand their knowledge and strengthen their skills.

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