ProsperityCoin is a value-backed crypto-loyalty token. Created by the crypto underwriting service Lamb&Cooper, the coin is designed to serve three main purposes. First, to raise funding for the completion of the game Full Metal Wars; second, to serve as an in-game spending token; and third, to reward investors by providing a dividend share scheme.

This unusual mix of functions that ProsperityCoin represents demonstrates that the ambitious scale of the project extends far beyond the average altcoin. In the first case, by issuing a crypto token as a way to raise funds for a game development project, Lamb&Cooper have created a new way in which users who are excited about Full Metal Wars can get involved.


The game that ProsperityCoin has been created to support and work within is Full Metal Wars. Being developed by Prosperity Games out of Campina Grande Brazil, the game won an award for Best Demo at the 2014 Big Festival. As of the time of this publication, the game is in a semi-open beta stage. Developed as a turn-based combat title, the game features artwork by Mike Deldato, a Marvel Comics artist from Campina Grande, Brazil, who was granted special dispensation by Marvel to work on the project.

Not only are users able to express their support for the game through the relatively conventional crowdfunding-style fundraising that the initial crypto offering (ICO) represents, but they will later have cemented their sense of involvement in the project through the dividends and benefits they will receive as coin holders. Turning enthusiasts and supporters into micro-investors makes better use of the enthusiasm and momentum that backers can create, and makes their support more fulfilling and worthwhile for them.

When the initial US$2 per coin crowdsale is over, the tokens will become openly tradeable on Ripple. Users who invested in the ICO will have the choice to hold, sell, or most interestingly, use the tokens in the then released game of Full Metal Wars.

The link between the crypto crowdfunding and the use of the coin as an in-game token allows Lamb&Cooper and Prosperity Games to value-guarantee the coins up to US$2 when converted into in-game credits. This floor, and the clear logic that supports it, will be reassuring for many looking into ProsperityCoins as a possible investment. 

For those users who don't wish to sell or use their ProsperityCoins as in-game tokens, the coins attracts another major benefit. Ten percent of the revenues from Full Metal Wars (while the game is still available as an online title) will be shared out proportionally among holders of ProsperityCoin. The fact that these dividend rewards are based upon the revenues of the company, rather than the profits, will also be a reassuring and engaging arrangement for individuals interested in ProsperityCoin from an investment point of view.

Ripple asset ID: PRO.Lamb-Cooper

Total supply: 1 million ProsperityCoins

ICO: 200,000 coins through the presale

Dividend reward feature: 10% of all game revenues will be distributed proportionately among coin holders

Value guarantee: Fixed conversion guarantee of US$2 per coin, into Full Metal Wars in-game credits

What made you choose Ripple as a platform for ProsperityCoin?

We chose Ripple because we have assessed all major Token Asset Manager platforms (TAMs) and we have also done some study on the opinion of the crypto community. Here are some of the benefits of Ripple:

  • Size of market cap (second after Bitcoin)
  • Usability of the client
  • Strong finances of the dev team (well-known VC firms)
  • Well organized dev team with senior management behind the code
  • Least anti-establishment structure (banking clients, fiat currencies compatibility, etc.)
  • Professionally organized PR

Are you considering trading on other platforms in the future?

Yes we are, as we believe that more and more platforms will become compatible with Ripple assets.

What benefits does using ProsperityCoin in Full Metal Wars bring to users?

As far as we can tell, this will be the first time in the history of the online gaming industry that the actual users will be able to share in the success of their favorite game. We believe this will change the industry once and for all, as for the first time the users and the creators will share the same interests and motivations: having a more and more successful product! Remember the success of WhatsApp, who only promised that it wouldn’t treat its users as sell-able items. Prosperity Games promises that it will treat its users as shareholders.

How do you expect the coin to develop after the game launches?

The rock-bottom scenario for ProsperityCoin is to be used as game-credit that can be transferred and/or traded easily. The best-case scenario of ProsperityCoin is to appreciate to the point that there is no reason for using it in the game anymore as it generates much more income by holding it.

In this way, we can avoid the ‘Bitcoin trap’ = for growing Bitcoin’s value, more people should use bitcoin by spending it, but by spending it you cannot harvest the benefits of holding and waiting for the appreciation.

This is what ProsperityCoin will be able to tackle by letting traditional fiat payments in the game (Full Metal Wars). So the revenue and the success of the game can grow even without using ProsperityCoins as game credits.

What's your strategy for growing the coin in the future?

Most of the current holders of ProsperityCoin are Qualified Institutional Buyers from the online gaming and online payment industry. From the total 1 million coins, only 200,000 to 300,000 ProsperityCoins are considered to be available for the public. For any investors, more revenue from the game will mean better ROI. So for us, growing the value of the coin is a simple strategy:

The more successful the game Full Metal Wars becomes, the more successful and expensive ProsperityCoin gets.