Putin may be in a touch of trouble this Christmas, with the announcement that Ded Moroz (the Russian version of Santa Claus) is considering issuing his own cryptocurrency. The Russian government's position on cryptocurrencies is famously dubious, and if the Russian Santa is on board, there may be a collision coming.

On his tour around Russian cities visiting the underprivileged and children’s hospitals, the character (who resides at a theme park in Velikiy Ustyug), Ded Moroz made it clear that he likes to keep up with the times. In an interview he said:

"I live for a very long time and do not remember how old I am, but I want to keep up with the times. Now the world is ruled by electronics, and friends advise me to release my own cryptocurrency.”

With Santa pushing a crypto agenda, those who are against the digital currencies may find themselves out in the cold this Christmas. This may well include Vladimir Putin.

Setting up a cryptocurrency mining operation might help with house heating back in his cold hometown, Ded Moroz added.