1. Hello! So you've launched The List and you're now working on Klubcoin. Can you tell us about these two projects?

If we are going to use the language of music, The List would be the prelude to Klubcoin.

The List is an NFT collection that serves as a bridge between IRL events, the Web3 world and Klubcoin — which is the first global cryptocurrency for all clubbers, festival goers and electronic music fans.

These nonfungible tokens will serve as an entry ticket to two festivals per year organized by Klubcoin and The List. Not only that, owners will have the chance to win one of the 150 lifetime access passes to world biggest clubs and festivals.

The List is basically preparing ground for Klubcoin, by establishing partnerships and creating a community of electronic music lovers.

2. What needs to be done to bridge the gap between partying in real life and clubbing in the metaverse?

I think that the onboarding experience should definitely be a lot smoother. Technology is still not at its best, and people are having problems with logging in and finding their way in the metaverse.

Not everyone is a computer wizard, so the user experience needs to be painless for non-crypto users and new enthusiasts.

Strong content is also key. We've done thousands of hours of live DJ sets online and in the metaverse with a very good audience. When you create a bigger event — such as the one we did with Amnesia Ibiza, Steve Aoki and Bershka last August — engagement becomes massive.

3. How exactly does the "party-to-earn" model work?

It's like Airmiles. Electronic music lovers who party and spend in the Klubcoin ecosystem — with clubs, festivals and top brands — can earn cashback and rewards on the app.

With these tokens, you can easily purchase tickets, drinks, DJ equipment and music gear throughout our platform… or convert them back into fiat on a regular exchange.

We're championing a "party-to-earn" concept. The more you party, the more you could earn.

4. What's been the feedback you've received from artists and fans?

We've received amazing feedback from fans, as well as clubs and festivals in the electronic music world.

Recently, we've done several experiments with NFT collections on MakersPlace and OpenSea. We've seen that electronic music fans are quite tech savvy and can sign up to Web3 products easily.

To make this process super smooth, we've created a dedicated Klubcoin app for iOS and Android — complete with a wallet and everything they need to manage their KlubCoin tokens.

5. Can you tell us the benefits that crypto offers over fiat for clubbers?

If we stick to the airlines analogy, these loyalty programs offer miles that need to be spent with the same airline for further flights.

With Klubcoin, you can spend tokens with all partners within our ecosystem — and we've signed up some of the best-known brands and live music events. It's like being told your Airmiles can also be used for discounts on hotels, rental cars and beach trips.

6. We've seen how NFTs have transformed the world of digital art. How can crypto collectibles modernize the music industry?

This has been one of the most interesting things happening to the music industry recently.

NFTs are being used as passes to events, artists are selling their music as NFTs, and there is even a possibility for the fans to become partial owners of the songs they like — and earn royalties. Web3 means there are exciting times ahead, and this is just the beginning.

7. You're determined to offer "money can't buy" experiences — what are the types of perks that fans can expect?

Electronic music fans can unlock amazing benefits — including access to sold-out events, meet and greets with famous DJs and producers, VIP tickets and exclusive NFT drops. Want to go backstage, hear new tracks before anyone else, or buy rare merchandise? Klubcoin offers all that.

One customer recently told us that they'd had the best clubbing experience of their life after being invited backstage. It's great hearing stories of people having an unbelievable night and once-in-a-lifetime holidays — especially when it's all down to what we offer.

8. Tell us about your connections in the music industry, and some of the partnerships you've forged so far.

The Klubcoin cryptocurrency is already trusted by some of the world's most recognizable electronic music brands — including Amnesia Ibiza, Festicket, Clubbing TV and many tech and Web3 partners such as Dolby.io, Ledger, Atlanticus Music and DJenerates.

As for The List, we already confirmed many other clubs and festivals brands such as World Club Dome, Supersonic, We Are Fstvl, Rampage Open Air, Caprices Festival, Barcelona Beach Festival and Green Valley, with more announced soon.

9. Do you ever think that the metaverse will be able to match the experience of going to a festival in person?

I don't think the idea is to match the experience — I think both experiences are and will stay very different.

Of course, a real-life experience is unique, but in some aspects, I think that metaverse events can offer something extra.

As we evolve with technology, not only you are going to be able to attend festivals from the comfort of your home and listen to your favorite artists, you will be able to experience music in perfect surroundings, teleport yourself within various festivals in seconds, save on flights and accommodation, and get to know and discover artists, clubs and festivals before deciding to attend physically.

Some music fans aren't comfortable in big crowds either. The metaverse gives them the chance to attend festivals in a low-key way — mingling online and eliminating the anxiety that surrounds dancing freely and interacting with others.

10. Where will your project be in 12 months?

We want Klubcoin to be widely accepted throughout every major festival and club in the world.

Within 12 months, we plan to be present on six continents with some of the best clubs and festivals in the world — and to onboard a million party animals into our ecosystem.

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