Video games are more than just fun and games; they are often the foundation for vibrant communities, many of which are not recognized for the full extent of their contributions. The rise of blockchain technology is changing this narrative with a new class of games, engaging players through fun, competition and building while also making them part of the journey as a stakeholder and investor.

The model, known as play-to-earn, incorporates NFTs and Web 3.0 to ensure that active community members are properly rewarded for their contribution to gameplay. This is often done by allowing builders and users to hold tokens that have value both inside and outside the game and help players enjoy the full benefits from their efforts.

Among the award-winning developers leveraging the play-to-earn model is Jam City, a team with deep experience in gaming economy design, led by the former MySpace co-founder and CEO, Chris DeWolfe. With an understanding of building engaging games, Jam City has made their name as the creative powerhouse behind a number of high-grossing games, amounting to over $2.5 billion in lifetime revenue. Their company of over 1200 has now combined their talents, dipping their feet into the nonfungible token (NFT) market with a community-driven blockchain game by the name of Champions: Ascension.

“For over 12 years, Jam City has become a leader by having a player-first ethos. This means our teams must have a relentless focus on engaging game design, beautiful art, rich narrative, fresh, fun and constant content updates, and a deep skill set when it comes to economy design. We will differentiate Champions: Ascension in the blockchain space by executing on these areas that place our players above everything else,” Chris DeWolfe shares in reference to their blockchain division.

Now, Jam City invites players to join the player-driven world with Prime Eternals, a collection of high-fidelity NFT Champions that are both immune from death and ingrained with divine power. The project has since launched their presale with a limited drop of 10,000 Prime Eternals NFTs in a 24-hour whitelist-only private sale that occurred on Feb. 24, with over 1,000 Prime Eternals minted in the first hour of the private sale.

In a world shaped by war

These 10,000 original Prime Eternal NFTs will only be minted once. For Prime Eternal holders, the benefits include the highest in-game earning potential, alongside other perks, like special gear, exclusive access to early version gameplay and open communication lines with gaming developers through Discord. Claiming a piece of the collection will ensure users can hold a piece of a fantasy world destined for growth.

The game is defined as a role-playing (RPG) blockchain game set in a fantasy world known as Massina. Here, players are encouraged to collect and prepare Champions for gladiatorial combat, with the intent that chosen warriors can bring glory in the sacred arenas of a world shaped by war. Players are said to face brutal clashes that will determine their fate, hopefully thriving as an eternal rather than being forgotten in the Ministry of Bone.

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Through immersive gameplay, Champions: Ascension continues to focus on creating maximum fun for players, where they engage in strategic, high-stakes decision-making, outsmarting their opponents along the way.

But, perhaps more impressive than the immersive storylines is the game’s accessibility. The Jam City team is set to roll out Champions across multiple platforms, ensuring all players can participate, even if they are not cryptocurrency experts.

Changing the game with community

Jam City introduces Champions in tiers, each defined by their levels of in-game earning potential and access to gear. Future versions may also make it possible to build structures and create fight gear, enabling players to expand their collections.

Following the game drop, Champions: Ascension will adjust their focus to staking mechanisms that are both interactive and exciting to ensure the community is engaged and immersed in the project’s vision. As a well-versed game publisher, all updates will be made available on the team’s official product roadmap.

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