Decentralized cloud storage suite Sia has announced its first-ever inhouse integration as an app on the Nextcloud store.

The move, which head of operations Zach Herbert confirmed to Cointelegraph on Monday, sees Nextcloud customers able to use Sia as a storage backend.

“Previously, Sia users could only upload files through the Sia-UI (manually) or via the Sia API. Now, by adding the Nextcloud app, users can simply add a Sia folder to their Nextcloud configuration,” he commented.

“Nextcloud is like a private Dropbox, and is really fantastic. Adding Sia makes Nextcloud even more powerful because it breaks any remaining reliance on centralized services.”

Cointelegraph previously covered Sia’s last major release in October 2016, with Herbert highlighting “major improvements to the software and the business” which have occurred since.

The next release, codenamed “Blue Moon,” should emerge on Friday.

“Blue Moon will bring some large usability improvements, with updates to the UI, but the biggest improvement is instant wallet unlocking,” Herbert continued.

“Previously, it took 20 or so minutes to unlock the Sia wallet. Now, in Blue Moon, wallet unlock only takes seconds. This has been in the works for a long time, and was one of our biggest feature requests.”

Investment in Sia’s concept has come thick and fast meanwhile, with a September VC round bringing the total funds count to $1.25 mln. Participants included Procyon Ventures, Raptor Group and Fenbushi Capital.