Shaun Bridges, who is serving a six year sentence for stealing over $800,000 in Bitcoin (value at the time) from Silk Road while working as a secret agent to bring the dark web marketplace down, has now admitted he stole an additional 1,600 Bitcoin (worth $359,005 at the time and approximately $6.6 mln today).

In a separate investigation, the court documents show that Bridges, who was probing European Bitcoin trading firm Bitstamp, had access to a wallet that contained 1,606,6488 BTC in November 2014 that was held by the US government.


Bridges, while under investigation for the missing Silk Road Bitcoin, resigned from the secret service in March of 2015 before pleading guilty to money laundering and obstruction charges in June the same year.

After a month had passed since admitting guilt, Bridges, still awaiting sentencing, took Bitcoins seized from Bitstamp and moved them into an account run by the BTC-E exchange.

Still the embezzlement continued as the next four months saw Bitcoin being shifted in small amounts between different digital wallets for his own use. These movements however were tracked.

Another spell in the clink

Bridges will face sentencing for this new charge in November, and it is expected that his sentence will be extended dramatically due to the nature of his crimes and the avoidance of justice.