The hype around NFTs is reaching critical mass, with public figures, celebrities like Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon, and major businesses putting significant investments into the digital sphere. For many, the actions of these parties call into question what all the attraction is about. 

To understand the reasoning, users must first backtrack to 2014, when the first nonfungible token or NFT came to life. NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that authenticate digital assets, making them an ideal method for tracking music, art and film creators and owners to ensure appropriate parties are compensated for their efforts. 

Therefore, profit isn’t the only reason that these public figures have been investing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, into NFTs. Rather, many have found major appeal in what these digital avatars represent, freedom for artists, membership into a shared community, and a bridge toward the digital realm.

Among notable players entering the market is Btok, a social network designed to connect people to the blockchain world. Much like NFTs connect people to digital communities, by entering the platform, Btok users will have the chance to join like-minded blockchain enthusiasts, fellow investors and, of course, learn the latest project news firsthand. 

As a super app serving the needs of people in blockchain, it is only fitting that the platform is also diving head first into NFTs with the purchase of the most expensive Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs on the market. The blockchain social media app now holds Ape #7537 as its brand ambassador, a piece defined by its bandolier clothing, which only 2% of the collection possess, closed eyes, bored mouth and brown fur. At the time of sale, this Ape sold for 1024 ETH, the equivalent of $1,240,000. 

Maintaining strong on the blockchain front

The Btok platform, like other blockchain social media platforms, has gained popularity for keeping user content on the decentralized network’s immutable ledger, enabling users to avoid censorship and remain in total control over their content. It is no surprise, then, that in alignment with these industry trends, Btok has built a community of over 10 million blockchain users and over 1,000,000 groups, the platform itself becoming a gateway to the blockchain world. 

However, Btok aims to extend its reach much further, to link all parties within the blockchain world together, thereby providing solutions to both users and project owners. As a one-stop blockchain platform with super functionality, users will be able to do more than take advantage of instant messaging (IM) functionality. Instead, they will also be given a chance to discover up-and-coming blockchain projects, participate in airdrops and transfer cryptocurrencies, among other notable features.

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The social media platform prides itself in offering low barriers for usage, with the ability to download on either an Android or IOS device. With Btok ready to go, users are only required to add a phone number to sign up, an action that will grant them access to the blockchain community. Here, users can take advantage of more than 1000 company partnerships, including Bithumb global, Binance, Huobi Global and LBank, among others.

A growing user group

Btok social media application users have grown to include more than 10,000,000 from 2,000,000, with an income growing in proportion from 15 to 50 million. With promising numbers under its belt, the team shares its mission to become one of the biggest social media platforms around the world, with a member of the BAYC leading the charge.

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