You might be wondering what a Crypto-Guru - a man who has never lost money on a trade in his life, a man who has been studying the Blockchain since birth - listens to to start his Monday, the first day of the week where he will begin executing his flawless trading strategy, the first day of a week where he will be hodling (sic!) on for dear life. Well, my friends, I am here to show you the way of the crypto-guru’s.   

Set goals for your day

For starters, every morning, every crypto-guru on the planet wakes up, wipes the crust out of his eyes, and listens to Get Dis Money by Slum Village.

Why does a crypto-guru do this, you ask? From the earliest point in a crypto-guru’s day, a crypto-guru needs to make their objective very clear. We are here to get this money. Face it, everyone sees Bitcoin eventually being more valuable than the price they bought in at — it’s a deflationary currency after all. I think everyone is at least partially interested in the monetary aspect of Bitcoin, otherwise, they probably would not have invested — including investing their time — in crypto. As a man who has never lost a trade in his life, I need to make my goal for the day extremely clear as soon as my alarm goes off and I open my eyes: I’m here to get this money.

Read the newspaper

After making our goal(s) for the day very clear, what is the next thing a crypto-guru does? We listen to Them Changes by Thundercat while reading the news. What are we looking for in articles? Any news that would set off ‘them changes’, a crypto-guru needs to know what is going on in the crypto-markets that they are concerned with. To be a successful trader, you have to be well-informed on all current events that may have an impact on the market. News regarding  government regulation and adoption stories often have the ability to set off “them changes.”

Until we meet again China

Speaking of regulation... while we were reading and searching for Bitcoin news, we came across some lingering news about the state of the Chinese Bitcoin economy. To bid farewell to the domestic Bitcoin exchanges in China, we listen to Shanghai Confidential by Donald Fagen while we sip our coffee. Goodbye Bitcoin exchanges located in China. We know that you will be back and that regardless the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise; crypto is just too big to ignore at this point. See you later China.

Until 2X vs No2x: Who Cares

So we push on and keep searching for important and relevant Bitcoin news… but, it’s just one of those slow days in the news. There isn’t always new information that is relevant to enough of the crypto-community to shake up the market. On days like this, a crypto-guru finds himself or herself reading stories, shrugging his or her shoulders, and then saying “who cares”.

Until the Segwit2x stories begin to circulate (give it about a week), a crypto-guru finds himself reading trivial articles and wishing for something exciting to happen… something like Satoshi revealing himself... yeah that would be cool! ...But on slow days, it’s only right if we listen to  WhºK∆res by Knxwledge while we wait for significant, hopefully positive news to come our way.

You are the best

Even when the news is dry, a crypto-guru carries on. However, the soundtrack to their Monday morning inches to an end. At this time, a crypto-guru turns on You Are The Best by Savoir Flair, and reminds themselves that they are the best; that is why they earned the title of ‘Crypto-Guru’ after all.

Remember, for knowing to invest in crypto-currency, keeping up with cryptocurrency related news, and last but not least, for rockin’ with the crypto-guru’s, you are clearly the best; superior to those around you. If you follow the crypto-guru’s Monday morning procedure, you are bound to be on the moon with the crypto-guru’s in no time, never losing a trade in your life again.

Next time...

Tune in next time to see what songs the crypto-guru is listening to to start his week.

Maybe next time, this crypto-guru will use his divine powers to predict the price.