Personal Details  

Stephen DeMeulenaere, born 1968, currently living in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


BA in Philosophy and Political Science (double major)

Professional experience and achievement  

Within the cryptocurrency space, Stephen serves as co-founder Coin Academy, which provides training content for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, he also serves as currency ecosystems advisor at Mintcombine.                  

Stephen is on the editorial advisory board of the International Journal of Community Currency Research, an academic journal for digital and complementary currencies, is a fellow at Qoin, and is an advisory board member for New Money Systems at the Lifeboat Foundation.

Stephen spent nearly 20 years as the founder and coordinator of the Complementary Currency Resource Center, an open library, gallery and database of complementary currency systems worldwide. It also serves as a source of information, a place to connect and collaborate for a new economic/financial/monetary world order.


Gardening, community development

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Stephen has been working with complementary currencies since 1991 and assisted the founder of Ripple, Ryan Fugger, from 2005. He first learned about Bitcoin in 2011, when Gavin Andresen listed Bitcoin in his "Worldwide Database of Complementary Currency Systems."

Role in the Bitcoin community

Stephen is active in the Bitcoins in Bali Group, and he assists the CEO of Bitcoin Indonesia, Oscar Darmawan.